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How To Use Facebook Apps For Your Business

, Posted in: Social Media

Does your business fully utilise Facebook? Been thinking of how you could better serve your customers through social media channels? Take a look at Facebook Apps. They can provide communication between your customers and your customer service team, allow people to sign up for and receive your newsletter or even provide your customers with special rewards. Each of these uses can help you create a deeper relationship with your customers and foster brand loyalty.

Email remains a very popular marketing tool and sending interested users email updates in the form of a newsletter keeps them in the know about your business. Use a newsletter signup app to collect email addresses so you have an additional way to communicate with your customers when they leave Facebook. You can even ask people to like your Page to reveal the newsletter signup form. Publish status updates to tease newsletter content and then direct your fans to the app where they can sign up to receive the full newsletter.

Another simple example, use a “contact us” app to allow your fans and customers to get in touch with representatives in specific departments within your company. This type of app helps you streamline the contact process and direct fans straight to whomever handles sales, customer support, press inquiries, etc. You can link to this type of app whenever someone comments on a status update or asks for more information, keeping them inside your Facebook “property.” Don’t let your timeline become a tech support forum—move the conversation to another channel. Use a customer service app to offload conversations that don’t need to take place on your timeline. AOL knows their fans might be coming to their Facebook Page to receive customer support. To make it easier, they have built a customer service app that allow fans to submit their questions straight from Facebook. They also direct fans to their other customer support channels from within the app.

How about rewarding your loyal fans and customers with access to special deals with a “Facebook exclusive” app? Ideally your fans will get into the habit of checking your Page to see if there are offers available only to them. If you’re an e-tailer, you can even link fans from the app to your website where they can buy the deal. Hotels.com offers a “Mystery Discount Coupon” that fans of the brand access from its Facebook Page. Wouldn’t it be cool to discover that your favourite hotel in San Francisco was having a £59 a night special?

These are just a few ongoing ways you can use Facebook apps to achieve your business goals. Many businesses are using apps every day to create stronger ties with customers and to increase the lines of communication. For more information on our Social Media services and how we are helping brands connect with their customers, get in touch.