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Social Media Improvements Roundup

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With Facebook marking its 10th Birthday only  recently, and with significant upgrades to its network, Facebook, like other social networks are all subject to regular formatting and functionality updates. Architects and User Experience experts are perpetually collaborating behind the scenes to formulate new ways for us all to share the latest story, tag our friends with facial recognition and geographically locate our posts.

Here we explore 3 recent improvements to LinkedIn, Google+ and Pintrest,  highlighting new functionality that we can take advantage of as social media users.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
Following a similar format to Facebook, LinkedIn has recently introduced Sponsored Updates to administrators of LinkedIn Company Pages, now allowed targeted updates to user feeds from the Homepage.

LinkedIn has a wealth of information on audiences including Occupation, Company, and Seniority. Sponsored Updates provide advertising opportunities for Company Pages to boost their presence on LinkedIn. Does your B2B marketing strategy engage on audiences on LinkedIn? Have you considered a strategic approach to Sponsored Updates to boost your presence?

Google+ Ripples
With  over 300 million active Google+ users, the network has evolved into a hub for users to connect via circles and share content to relevant audiences. With this said, have you ever wondered how posts gain popularity on the network? On the Google+ Homepage there are often lists of trending posts that highlight over 1,000 +1’s and hundreds of comments. With Google Ripples you can see how the post became popular, with true-to-Google analytics and insights. The functionality allows you to establish the key influencers on Google+ that attributed to the success of the post. To view ripples simply navigate to a post, click the arrow in the corner of the post and select “View Ripples.” Following your selection, you will see a behind-the-scenes snapshot of the post, with a focus on popular circles and users that have interacted with the post.

Are you looking to build your presence on Google+? Why not run a competitor analysis on the network, establish the influencers, view the Ripples on popular posts and establish an outreach strategy.

Pintrest – Place Pins
Staying true to Pinterest’s visually format, Place Pins are unique as users can captivate others more with sharing sights and providing location information to other users. From a marketing perspective, this provides a unique opportunity for local businesses to showcase Place Pins, focusing on engaging users within local communities.

Pinterest has put a focus on Place Pins, with the functionality rolled out to the iPad App on Sunday 16th February 2014. Are you a local business owner? Are you taking advantage of your local presence with a focus on your location and place prominence on your products via Place Pins on Pinterest?