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Tools of The Trade

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We’re often asked what tools agencies such as ourselves use for designing, creating, deploying and managing web projects – so we thought we’d put together a list of our must have tools! It’s not a complete list, but gives you an insight into some of the top ones we use on a daily basis. We’ve split the tools we use into various categories:


  • Pad & Paper - It might seem basic, but all our concepts start on paper, with basic sketches and process flows. Oh and we love a bit of post-it note process mapping too!
  • Axure RP7 – Used for our visual layout designs and wire-framing.
  • Photoshop – Used for all our designs, allowing layers to be split and graphics exported at a later date.


  • Sublime Text - Used for all general coding, including XHTML/CSS/PHP.
  • Visual Studio – Used for our .NET builds.
  • SAAS & CodeKit - Used to compile all resources for web projects.
  • Cassette – Used for asset bundling in our .NET builds.
  • Drush – Used for our Drupal builds, automating specific tasks.
  • Vagrant – Used for all our virtualised development environments.
  • VMWare – Used for specific virtualisations.
  • AWS/EC2 & RDS - Used during build, development and testing stages of our projects.


  • Git - Used for our in-house version control of code.
  • Beanstalk – Used for the deployment of code from our in-house Git environment to our staging servers.
  • Capistrano – Used for the automated deployment of our projects to live production environments.
  • Octopus Deploy – Used for automated deployment of our .NET projects to live production environments.

Testing / Optimisation

  • Optimizely – Used for all our A/B testing.
  • WebTrends – Used for testing and analytics.
  • Google Analytics – Used for on-site analytics both before commencing a project and after its completion.
  • BrowserStack - Used for  all our web-based browser testing.
  • LinkTiger – Used for checking any broken links.
  • New Relic – Used for real-time server and application monitoring across all live production environments.


So there you have it – just some of the many tools that we use on a daily basis to help us build online solutions for clients. For more information on our services, why not get in touch, or alternatively if you’re looking for a career in Web Development or more broadly Digital Marketing, check our or careers section.